About Anak Rimba Inc

AnakRimba was established in 2009, domiciled at East Jakarta. We are in the business of providing IT Training and Consulting Services to private companies and government institutions. And we are also dedicated to offering IT Project Management and Support to offer your company the best-fit solutions for your company’s IT project needs.

Our mission is to instill an intrepid, entrepreneurial character in every individual through our trainings. This is why we are embarking on our own independent project to come out with a breakthrough tangible products (software and hardware) and we hope it can become one of our case studies for our class modules.

Human Touch, Technology Driven, Knowledge Delivered

This slogan reflects both our mission and vision. We believe in the principle of empowering our clients not just with the know-how but also on how to think beyond the machine.

First Principle: “human touch” ensure that we will always look at your problems from your perspective, so that you can form a solid understanding of the solutions that we provide you with, and certainly we will encourage you to innovate and do more wonders.

Second Principle: “technology driven” means that we will always employ technologies that are both reliable and dependable for your companies’ IT Solutions. New technology does not always deliver the result that you are expecting, that is why we are here to curate and pick the best technology possible that will revitalize your business functions.

Third Principle: “knowledge delivered” works for both our IT training and consulting services. We will make sure that you fully grasp the fundamental concept of the subjects and also knowing the essence of problem-solving. Your company’s size will get even bigger and so does your challenges will get even bolder, that is why it is necessary to achieve your goals by doing it simply, safely and quickly – AnakRimba will not compromise in enabling you to do just that.

Our Focus

IT Training
All of our personnel consist of highly-skilled individuals who are passionate to helping your company’s IT division to achieve its full potentials in this very fast-changing field. We designed our class modules to equip your employees not just with the necessary knowledge of the subjects, but also to enable them to take both progressive and innovative measures on their daily tasks – thus ensuring added-value activities across your company’s business functions.

IT Consulting Service
We always first take the broader approach to see your company as a whole before we provide you with perspective on how to realize the full potential of your company’s IT Assets and Investments, which we believe to be a must-have resources at your disposal. We will ensure that these IT resources are going to empower each of your company’s business functions, so that all of decisions makings can be effectively and efficiently executed throughout your company, in such a way that it increases the odds of doing the right thing in the right place at the right time.
Our Consulting Services covers the following areas :

  • IT Security Consultant
  • Software Architecture & Network Solution
  • Software Development: Mobile, Desktop, Web & Enterprise
  • IT Outsourcing
  • IT Audit
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Project Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Hardening
  • Digital Investigation & Forensic



Photos From Classes

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