IT Consulting

We always first take the broader approach to see your company as a whole before we provide you with perspective on how to realize the full potential of your company’s IT Assets and Investments, which we believe to be a must-have resources at your disposal. We will ensure that these IT resources are going to empower each of your company’s business functions, so that all of decisions makings can be effectively and efficiently executed throughout your company, in such a way that it increases the odds of doing the right thing in the right place at the right time.
Our Consulting Services covers the following areas:

IT Security Consultant, Penetration Testing & Digital Forensic

Bonafide, Qualified and Trusted - we will ensure that your company that you have established for years, something that is very dear to you, will be safe from unwanted intrusions and data breaching from any external entities. We will guard your confidential data and help to manage your company’s valuable information assets by introducing stringent, yet very effective, procedures on your IT Management SOP. We believe that to explore the global market for more business opportunities does not have to come at a cost to your company’s privacy, and you should not compromise.

Software & Architecture System & Network Solution

Deployment of the best software & architecture system solution and seamlessly connecting your internal operation through our Network Solution - we acknowledge that there is no one size fits all IT solutions for your company; however with the right composition and careful tuning, your company will find itself on solid footing. We are here to give you assurance that even with a low-cost solution, your company can be run strategically without having to inflate your cost base. Cost-savings are just a matter of will-power and finding the right partner for you.

Software Development

When one size fits all strategy is not an option for your intricate business operations or your ever-expanding IT Resources and Assets, software customization will be the key for achieving better operation metrics. We will fine-tune the type of software offerings that will help you overcome the side-effects of a growing company. To become big is something that you should aim for and we are here to help you get even bigger through our software customization. Our software customization offerings are also available for mobile application that will suit your enterprise needs.

IT Outsourcing

Outsource for the best IT Resources - we understand how difficult of a task for your company to find employee that fits all your criteria, not to mention you have to actually decide on the criteria for hiring employees. Why don’t rely on our expertise in IT resources outsourcing to get you the right match for your company needs, besides from avoiding long-run mistakes on hiring the wrong kind of guy, we are committed to helping you to keep your company’s operaton lean - just as we promised not to compromise on your business going concern.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Customizable, Resourceful and Ease-of- operation are the three must-have characteristics in our ERP offerings, not to mention it does not require you to pay hefty licensing or maintenance fees. We are only delivering you the technology that can accentuate your company’s value propositions and position your company on a Level Playing Field with the incumbents OR even better than them. It is imperative for you to optimize your company’s internal operation to achieve your goals simply, safely and quickly, and of course cheaply, now you can do it all!

Project Management

Two things can be implied when your company’s to-do- lists is getting longer and longer - either because your company is growing or because you do not have a good Project Manager. As we mentioned above, we want you to achieve your goals, targets, dreams, hopes simply, safely, quickly and cheaply, and that is why you need an experienced project management for your IT needs that can help you to afford realizing those four things. We will employ solutions that follow all of our principles - Human Touch. Technology Driven. Knowledge Delivered - so that now you can focus more on generating profits and worry less on getting tangled at your own success.